The United States And Mexico Essay

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This year’s election cycle brought heated debates and discussions about many things; “the wall”, free trade, NAFTA, immigration issues, borders security and policy issues. Regardless of which side of the political isle you stand, which way the political winds sway in Washington D.C., one thing is certain not to change with the election cycle, and that is, the actual physical border between The United States and Mexico. Therefore, if we can’t change that, and we can’t, then there needs to be solutions to problems that continue to exist between the two sovereign countries. Trade and Security are two of the most important factors for neighboring countries and they must not be ignored. Beyond just good political, diplomatic, and strategic vision it is important to understand there are cultural, education and diversity complexities which takes tremendous and often times delicate maneuvering to come together for the greater good of both economies and governments, as millions of people rely on successful trade agreements and security.

The United States and Mexico share more than 2,000 miles of border between 10 Border States with an estimated population reaching around 100 Million residents on both sides, making it the 4th largest economy on the planet. After Canada, Mexico is the United States’ third largest, and extremely vital trading partner. Daily trade and tourism are the two biggest components of relations between the two countries. According to the Office of the

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