The United States History I - Federalists Vs. Republicans Essay

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Valeriia Baumgard United States History I – HIST V07A Dialog 3 – Topic A: Federalists vs. Republicans Even when discussing the draft of Constitution and after its ratification by the states there were two currents in the American republic, later became the first political parties. The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton wanted to create a strong central government with the supremacy of national interests. Their opponents, later called democratic republicans sought restrictions on the powers of the national government, strengthening state and local authorities, as they feared that the concentration of power will lead to the replacement of the aristocracy to democracy. The leader was the anti-Federalist Thomas Jefferson. The dispute between Federalists and Republicans, in fact, was a dispute about the future development of the United States, finding a model for the new republic. Federalists argued for rights and freedoms, but not for everyone, defending the British model of the state, while the supporters of Jefferson were advocated for a democratic development of America. Tomas Jefferson wanted to create a republic of free planters-farmers. As for Hamilton - he saw the future of the United States in trade and industry of the country, with large cities, developed production, banks, a strong financial system. A separate issue was with the creation of the Bank of the United States. Hamilton saw this as an opportunity to create the country 's government credit, pay off finally
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