The United States Is Immensively A Land Of Immigrants

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The United States is immensively a land of immigrants. Whilst tons of arriving immigrants have sameness in their experiences, there is a great significance in the differences: some fled for economic reasons whereas others fled for political or religious persecution. Native Americans [Indians] became the first people to live in the Americas, followed by European and African groups. Because of war and failed revolutions, many Germans massively migrated; and during this period, large numbers of Chinese also migrated to the United States. Many nations were and are still in a state of civil war or war with a neighboring country. People in these countries dream of a place where they can live peacefully and feel safe. In order to live a better life, these non-native people settled in a new place with low unemployment rates. In 1965, it [The United States] reconsidered its immigration laws, making it possible for millions of people from the Caribbean, South and Central America, West Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia to enter the country legally. Even after immigration law had been reformed, because of a significant portion of those migrants financial status, the U.S. has not only become a land of legal migrants but also illegal migrants. By that being said, over 11 million foreign nationals are residing illegally in the United States. Although, illegal immigration serves the interest of tens of thousands of people, complete immigration improvment will fortify the U.S security while

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