The United States Is One Of The Most Culturally Diverse

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The United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries and when it comes to the healthcare system, the diversity becomes even more challenging. It is necessary for healthcare providers to be open and educated on the beliefs and values of other countries, not only to show respect but also to obey the patients’ civil rights. For instance, Japanese believes it is important for them to be in the right state of mind before death. Instead of receiving pain medication or any other type of analgesic, mediation and peace and quiet is what they prefer. It is important for health care providers to tend to a patients’ spiritualities because as in Japan, their are religious goals that have to be met when dying in order for the patient to …show more content…

In Japan, religion is not shared amongst a community or even discussed openly but is a private family affair. There is no one preaching or readings from sacred writings or religious prayers at schools because what they believe is based on a moral code. That if they live the way of passion and love that nothing shall hurt or harm them or their family. By how they live, Japanese social and cultural values are difficult to tell apart. Shintoism is Japan native religion. In this religion, every living thing in nature, from the wind, animals, trees and even sound contain gods which are referred to as kami (1). The religion worships nature and arose by the desire to include human life in the great harmony manifested in the universe. They have shrines to honor the gods. While Shintoism contains the spirituality of the living, Buddhism contains the spirituality of the afterlife and soul. This is why these religions compliment each other so well. Bought over from Chinese culture was Confucianism, which is a code of ethic that also influenced the way Japanese lived their lives. As you place these religions together, the health of each individual determines if they are living a purified and meaningful life or if there soul has been tainted, unclean, and impure. Confucianism is important in health care in Japan. In the code of ethics, there is a principal called “filial piety” in which it becomes the duty of the child or children to care for

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