The United States Macroeconomy

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The United States macroeconomy As you all know, the United States of America is undergoing the most severe economic period since the Great Depression of the 1929-1933. Like then, the current economy is linked to several internal concerns, but is also influenced by several external features, mostly revealed by its economic relationships with the various international partners. At this level, it is necessary to understand the national economy as the intersection of national politics, national economic affairs, but also global politics and economy. Today, in the era of globalization, not the United States or another country, can live and function in an isolated context. To further exemplify this dimension of the economy, I will now focus on presenting you five specific dimensions of economic interest, as follows: -The consequence of import surpluses -The effects of international trade on gross domestic product (GDP), domestic markets and foreign students -The impact of federal decisions regarding tariffs and quotas on international relations and trade -The meaning and determination of the foreign exchange rates, and last US' import policy alternatives. 1) The scope of any economy is that of creating a balance between its exports and imports, or exporting more than importing, in order to generate national gains and revenues. Within the United States however, it has often happened that the totality of the imports exceeded the totality of the exports. The result of
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