The Use Of Language In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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Language, a way of expressing emotions and reasoning. Language, used to convey thoughts and opinions on just about any matter. Language, what connects the author's ideas and motives to the reader. In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, he tries to get the reader to understand and really get a taste for what the Igbo tribe is like. While in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, he too describes Africans but does so in a different connotation which makes African culture and its people seem dehumanized, for the most part. Achebe portrays that the African culture of the Igbo tribe as worth knowing about by sharing their culture and description of people. Often times tribes are not as advanced like in first world countries so their social customs and gender roles “His mother and sisters . . . was a man's crop”(3 p.22-23), for men and women are different. In this quote Achebe explains that even when it comes down to planting there are things women can and cannot do, the same goes for men. He says that women grow women’s crop, like “coco-yams” and “beans” which is assumed by the reader to be crops that are smaller and need less maintenance. But men grow the yams which is one of the tribe's main source of food. If the men did not plant and harvest the yam, the family would not be provided for, which makes them the main provider for the family in a sense. Achebe shows Igbo culture and customs to be important. Igbo tribesmen outside of the family everyone is respected as shown, “I have
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