The Use Of Marijuana For Medicinal Purposes

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Some people have been in the same situation at a party where they see a group gathering outside. The smell of the strange herb along with kids laughing and talking as they take turns passing and hitting a bowl or a joint is now common. Then those kids would turn around and ask the others the same dreaded question “Do you want a hit?” Maybe some say yes, maybe they say no, maybe they smoke every day, maybe they never will, or maybe they have to if they want to live. Adolescents and adults have access to marijuana as it is easily available behind the scenes these days and it’s about time everybody knows the truth about the uses, effects, purposes, and cures about the devil’s harvest- Marijuana. The use of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes is…show more content…
To control the side effects, prevention must be strong and the progress should be tracked. Furthermore, Pew Research Center tracked the increasing support for marijuana and reached a conclusion where “today, 57% of U.S. adults say the use of marijuana should be made legal, while 37% say it should be illegal. A decade ago, opinion on legalizing marijuana was nearly the reverse….” (Geiger). People have realized the benefits of this drug in medication and today there are 28 legal medical marijuana states including Washington, DC. The plant can cure numerous diseases including AIDS/ HIV, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and can help fight basic body pain too. Among the various species of marijuana, the two most commonly used for medicine are Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The former causes increased alertness and an energetic sense, and the latter is reported to cause a sense of relaxation or lethargy. (Ammerman et al.) Christine Vestal covers health care for Stateline and wrote an article in The Washington Post to treat chronic pain and states that “Nationwide, an estimated 1.4 million patients in 28 states and the District of Columbia use legal medical marijuana for a varying list of conditions. A much smaller number of patients in 16 states use limited extracts of the plant, primarily to treat seizure disorders.” Therefore, marijuana could be
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