The Utilisation Of Symmetry Within Filmmaking

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This following proposal will feature how the utilisation of symmetry within filmmaking, primarily in cinematography, is a stylised technique used to highlight significant events film narratives. This proposal will decipher whether symmetry used as a stylistic filmic technique, is a notable and powerful visual aid that heightens the viewers experience and significance of narrative developments. The purpose of this study is to gauge information about how symmetry showcases a posed and staged approach in filmmaking, and if that will drive the movement of film narratives. Thorough analysis of examples of works by American director Wes Anderson will be conducted throughout this proposal.


The highly creative decision of
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This is due to the possibility of symmetry being used randomly and thoughtlessly, running a high risk of creating visual disturbances in the narrative of the film, thus, potentially leading the initial direction of the narrative astray and the viewers to be confused as the film advances (Thonsagaard, L, 2012).

Wes Anderson (born 1969), best know as an Academy Award winning American film director and screenwriter is respected and has mastered the art of symmetry. His films are extremely identifiable, as his constant usage of symmetry within his feature films create a powerful visual aid which are capable of communicating complex meanings that cannot be conveyed visually without the addition of symmetry. Anderson 's work is also notable for his distinctive narrative writing and style and also the inclusion of adding reoccurring collaborations with various actors and creatives (McClintock, P, 2014).

The definition of symmetry follows and refers to “…quality being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis” (Oxford Dictionary of English). This proposal will primarily focus on Anderson’s filmmaking, discussing his utilisation of symmetry within his works and how he produces a visual aesthetic and experimental style of filmmaking that has gained him the title of being a respected director in the film industry. Anderson’s reason behind using symmetry instead
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