The Value Of Fair Value

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The fair value option allow all entities to select and measure eligible items at a fair value at a specified date. The decision involved in whether to elect the fair value option have following conditions. The conditions include that it could be applied instrument by instrument, could be irrevocable which means it cannot be changed and the last condition is applying only to instrument and not to only specified risks, specific cash flows, or portions of that instrument. The fair value option allows business entities to use fair value to measure specific financial assets and financial liabilities in accordance with their own needs and in the initial and subsequent measurement. FASC 825-10-25

One of the main advantages of fair value accounting is that it provides a basis for reporting financial information on a company to provide users with accurate valuation of assets and liabilities. When the assets or liabilities of the price rising or are expected to increase, the company will be the value of the assets or liabilities, to reflect it will get the assets or liabilities, to reflect its assets or will receive payment to lift their responsibilities. On the contrary, the company marked the value of the assets or liabilities, to reflect the market price of any ability decreased. The fair value accounting limited a company, it may be possible to manipulate its net income sometimes. The management, may deliberately arrange some asset sales, for example, the use of gains or losses,

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