The Value Of Higher Education

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The value of higher education cannot be underestimated considering the contemporary realities of the competitive marketplace. A higher education degree serves as the first impression of a job seeker applying for employment. Namely, a college degree is a person’s pass to their future career and so work-related opportunities are enormous. Many people that lived in the United States are immigrants; having free education for the international students is the way to help them to achieve their American Dream. Furthermore, a college degree should be an educational right in the United States, like having free education from pre-k to twelve grade; since it is nearly impossible to find good career opportunities and persuade the American Dream without that higher education degree.
Nowadays, having a college degree is quite important for personal development and everyone should strive to get the higher education. Many high school graduates, however, decide not to go to college because of the four or more years required for studying needs a lot of commitment in terms of time, effort, and money. In Cohen’s article, she interviewed Mr.Lennon, and he said: “For high school students, a four-year college education is frequently held out as the only viable option, precisely because job opportunities and wages are so much better upon graduation”(Cohen). Many students did not know that attending college is important in an individual's life and most people that just went to high school and then,

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