The Value Of The Pennies : The One Cent Coins That Make No Essay

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The Pennies: The One-cent Coins that Make No “Cent” Throughout ages, humans have developed civilizations in which we plant, we grow, we produce and we trade. During the development of each culture, people also developed various methods to enhance the flow and exchange of goods and services within the country and abroad. Mankind have moved away from barter to commodity monies such as seashells, stones, arrowheads… and eventually we introduced the banknotes and the coins, the two convenient media of exchange that we take for granted. In a gigantic, complex economy like the United States’, a versatile and functional medium of exchange has significant impacts. Even though the value of US Dollar has stretched and shrunk accordingly to the political, social and economic events within the States and around the world, our bills and coins made up a currency that is always regarded as stable and worthy. But regardless of the state of the Dollar and the economy, the penny has always been at odds with the progress; and the reason goes beyond it carrying a different color than the rest of its silvery brothers and sisters. Because of the wasteful cost to produce the pennies just to see them fail to fulfill their roles as a medium of exchange and not to mention the unexpected potential threat they pose to some of the most vulnerable members of our society, the pennies must be eliminated. Calling a penny worthless is an understatement because something is worthless when it is

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