The Values And Development Of The Ancient Maya Civilizations

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The complex societies and civilizations that the world is made up of today, were formed and shaped by groups of smaller traditional societies of the past. These small traditional civilizations that popped up and evolved all around the world in all sorts of different areas and locations laid the stepping stones for life as we know it today. While the civilizations did not necessarily press their values on others, other societies saw valuable practices and took them on themselves. One unique traditional society that has had a lasting impact on the world is the ancient Maya civilization. What makes the Mayans and their society a unique civilization were their economic activities, social arrangements, and political organizations which all helped their society develop over time, thus helped future civilizations to come to flourish using their ideas and traditions. Traditional societies begin with a small number of people living in one particular geographical region. Their traditions help them to achieve a flourishing society over time. They do so by passing their ideas and practices on from one generation to the next. Some of these traditions include cultural values and practices defined through the people group’s economic activities, social arrangements, and political organization.A traditional society flourishes using these passed on values and practices, rather than through impact of practices from other rival or complex civilizations. What makes the Maya civilization a
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