The Values Of Manipute Control In 1984 By George Orwell

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In a society where rulers have absolute control by using human nature to their advantage, individuality is stripped away and horrific effects appear. In 1984, George Orwell presents a totalitarian nation driven to serious extents of sovereignty. The ruling elite have the power to demand mental, moral, and physical compliance from citizens. The values of Ingsoc influence people to perform almost mechanically. Using constant propaganda, the population is blinded of the widespread deception. With loyal followers, Big Brother and the party succeed in controlling everyone by using their innate inclination to fear and hate. First of all, mass media is full of dishonesty. The press intentionally feeds people lies to keep civilians obedient and happy with the way things are. Careful workers in the Ministry of Truth build up lies to alter the news. For instance, the notice that the economy was doing well didn’t align with the fact that outer party members were asking for razor blades from each other. Citizens are clueless of the inconsistent announcements and put their trust in what they are told. By using the concept of doublethink, manipulating inhabitants to believe in opposing ideas is no problem. Memories are an object the party can twist, create and erase. The few who notice the discrepancies must be quiet or risk serious consequences. Fear for one’s life is enough to avoid any motivation to rebel against the system. There are several methods to make everyone

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