The Vampire And Vampire Genre

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The vampire genre has been a dominating force in films and television shows for ages now. Earlier vampire films were known for being creepy and eerie, leading people to fear the vampire. While modern vampire films and television shows are known for making vampires more likable or even relatable. This modernization of the vampire seems to have come as a result of film and television makers combining the vampire genre with other genres. Having films and television shows about vampires in high school, in romantic relationships, and even vampires are heroes have become a common tend in pop culture. With hit films like the Twilight (Hardwicke, 2008), it no wonder that film and television creators are not jumping all over this popular trend. Two …show more content…

It used to be that he vampire would be seen as these dark and creepy creatures that would stalk and feed off its prey, similar to the original folklore, but people just seem to not be as interesting in that anymore. After seeing the same kind of story and villain over and over again audiences are going to get tired of it, which is why it makes since that film and television makers decided it was time to revamp the vampire genre. Combining the vampire genre with other genres, like romance, is a good way of keeping the vampire genre fresh. Film and television creators needed to figure out new ways to change the vampire genre up, and combining them with different genres was a clever way. By combining the vampire genre with other genres, film and television creators have endless possibilities of what they can do with the vampire genre. For the past few years the romantic and teen genre has been a dominating for the vampire genre, leading the vampires to change and adapt into the new modern vampires. Once place that we have seen this hybridity impact the vampire genre is in television shows. In the late ninety’s Joss Whedon created the cult classic vampire drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the first shows to take the vampire and integrated it into a teen television show. Buffy is about a girl, Buffy Summers, that must “fulfill her destiny of fighting vampires and demons with the help of her friends all the while struggling to live a

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