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The Roman Empire was the most extensive in social and political order in western civilization. It began when Augustus Caesar became the emperor of Rome. It is important to note that Rome started out very humble and archaic. Despite how primitive it was, Rome managed to become a world dominating power. Some of the advantages that Rome had were it's location near the sea which facilitated and enhanced trade, and the proximity of the Greek influence which gave potential to the uprise of the Roman Empire. Along with a new empire comes new economical values, governments and class structure. And along with the undoing of an empire comes the destruction of those values, the government and the class structure. As the Roman Empire rises, so does …show more content…

The availability of such top government position drew in many ambitious men. One of them was Julius Caesar who took control of all Rome and it's empire. This meant that the empire had to forgo the ancient government system that was used. As a consequence, there was some anger flooding in the hearts of some denizens of the empire. Brutus was so enraged with the new ruling system that he murdered Caesar. After an exhausting war, Augustus came into play. People saw him as the best choice to end the chaos the the empire had stumbled into it. He became the next roman emperor which brought an end to the republic of Rome.

The fall of the Roman Empire was the begging of the Middle Ages. The government in the Middle Ages was highly influenced by what used to be a great empire. Government in the Middle Ages was known as feudalism. In it, kings and upper nobility managed to keep dominating the serfs and the peasants. The citizens sought protection against enemies and security from barbarians from other lands. Additionally, the wealthy nobilities wanted to maintain control over the lower classes that sought securities. With the needs of each class, the development of the feudal system was inevitable.

The Roman Empire had a social class in which the haves and the have nots were segregated. The social structure was based on property, wealth, citizenship and freedom. People were also classed off based on their gender. Women were

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