The Vietnam War Of Vietnam

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A. The Vietnam War occurred from 1955-1975, this included the North and South fighting over government structure of the newly independent state of Vietnam, having recently become independent from France. However, the USA was in Vietnam as a sort of protection for the South Vietnamese people, who had a weaker army force, but only a few thousand Americans were in Vietnam for that purpose at the time. On August 7, 1964, the USA entered the war for the purpose of fighting the North Vietnamese due to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident where the North Vietnamese army torpedoed a US ship and to control the spread of communism in Asia. From that, over 1 million Vietnamese died and 58,000 US Soldiers died with a total of over 1.3 million total deaths…show more content…
These counterculture movements were often appealing to young people, "youth ... could transform the existing cultural and political order, [they] could potentially create the basis for a culture in which peace was valued over war, in which pleasure was valued over productivity, and in which rules and conventions were not to be followed if they were found to be corrupt." (Waksman) III. Thesis Statement A. The Anti-War movement of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s was significant in the impact on music during that time period due to the massive influence of the idea of "Peace" and its listener 's motivation for change in the world.

Body 1: Vietnam War & Political Protest I. Morality A. The USA joined for the purpose of trying to contain communism from spreading all across Asia and in hopes of spreading the idea of capitalism and democracy. Northern Vietnam believed in communism and kept fighting for it. They had a strong army and lots of time on their hands to fight for what they believed in. South Vietnam on the other hand, had dealt with more major struggles of being an independent nation and thus did not have as strong or big of an army. Once the US ship was bombed, the United States government voted to protect the South and fight for the North. Many American people detested the idea of another war (World War II had just ended in 1945) and due to a wider implementation of televisions in households across the nation, the Vietnam War was televised. Seeing

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