The View Of Fate Over Free Will, And Vice Versa

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Arguments concerning the influence of Fate over Free Will, and vice versa, are not unique to our post-Enlighten mindset. Some of the greatest thinkers of all time, such as Aristotle or Plato, dealt directly with this issue in their numerous commentaries that we still look at today. Even within our Bibles we see Fate and Free Will actively playing roles within the famed stories and lives included in both the Old and New Testament. It’s not surprising, then, when we see similar themes relating to these concepts come up within fictional or mythical works originating from the same period. One of the works that these issues are most evident within is Homer’s famed poem, The Odyssey. All throughout the play, you see the characters at the mercy…show more content…
This first-person delivery of these lines, and the use of I or me multiple times in this short section is meant emphasize the free will that Penelope is expressing within this situation. Much like how she was physically weaving the shroud, there was a higher level of weaving taking place concerning Penelope and her Fate; Homer was using the tangible to illustrate the intangible. Penelope was the one weaving her own fate; she was the one using her own cleverness and skill to find a way to hold off the advancements of the suitors. By using the loom as her instrument, Penelope put herself in the position of the puppeteer despite the culture casting women like her to be a puppet under the authority of the men around them. Using her cunning and smarts, she developed and executed her plan with every string that she weaved and then unravel that lasted for three whole years. The physical actions portray the deeper context of Penelope weaving her own free will so she remain loyal with the hope the Odysseus would still return, while unraveling the possibility of having to marry one of the suitors before her husband had the chance to return home. Her plot would have continued, if only her disloyal maids had not told the suitors about what Penelope was doing during the night and the suitors forcing her to complete it. Penelope did everything she could to make sure this plan succeeded, which she did for a substantial amount of time, and she even didn’t make a mistake that caused her
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