The View of Humanity and Morality; as seen through Modern Literature

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Modern literature is a reflection of modern society, and the ways in which humanity is valued has greatly impacted the modern age. The view of humanity is the effect of a worldview. One of the most important places in which to observe the view of humanity is in the United States. For over half of the 20th century, the US population was divided; this division was not between the states or north and south. This division was in every county, town and city. The entire nation was segregated; blacks against whites. Racial segregation was the antithesis of everything which America had originally stood for. The United States, by tolerating laws that allowed segregation, denied the truth that all men are created equal and thus deserved equal and fair treatment. This fundamental truth is not only necessary for protecting the sanctity of life but also to maintain the integrity of American laws. When the states passed laws, making it legal to separate humans into groups and treat them better or worse, solely based on the color of their skin, they opened the door for other types of segregation, as well as denied the biblical truth that man was created in the image of God. If it becomes morally acceptable to discriminate based race, then it logically follows that discrimination based on sex or socio-economic status is also moral. Postmodernism, the philosophical ideology that denies the existence of absolute truth, essentially made it acceptable for truth to be made relative.

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