The Volcanic Activities On Earth

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Introduction A volcano is said to be a rapture which occurs in the crust of the earth and it allows lava, dangerous gasses as well as volcanic ash to escape to the surface of the earth from the magma which is placed in areas below the earth. The volcanic activities on earth have a deep history which shows that they have been active for a long time. The volcanoes on earth usually occur when the crust on the surface of the earth is broken into tectonic plates. The tectonic plates usually float on the hotter and the softest layer in its own mantle. This shows that the volcanic activities on earth usually occur where the tectonic plates on earth are either converging or diverging. The erupted volcanoes can be very hazardous in various …show more content…

Indonesia is said to have the largest number of volcanoes on earth which means that the tectonic plates in this area are converging or diverging. Most of the volcanic activities on the surface of the earth are said to be more than 10,000 years old. In fact, some of the volcanic activities on earth are 100,000 years old. This shows that the history of the formation of volcanoes has been dated back in the ancient times. There are historical myths which explain how the volcanoes came to be in Hawaii. There was a goddess of volcanoes in Hawaii who was called Pele who had various periods of anger and she was believed to cause mass eruptions (McNutt, 2015). The volcanic activities and the earthquakes in Hawaii are believed to have been formed using Peles magic stick. All over the world, each community living in the volcanic areas usually had a myth or folktales which explained the origin of the volcanoes and it was associated with gods. Scientifically, the formation of volcanoes can be explained from the melting of the mantle. The mantle is found between the molten iron core and the crust at the surface of the earth. After the mantle melts, it moves to the surface of the earth through the crust and it releases some of the most dangerous gasses on the surface of the earth. The melting of the mantle is caused by the high temperatures which are found in that zone and also the high pressure found in this area. This causes the rock to melt

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