The Voting Rights Act Of 1965

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The United States is a country anchored on the principle of inclusivity and mutual respect. The country has a dark past characterized with instances of racial profiling and discrimination which culminated into civil unrests realized in the mid-20th century. Moving forward, the country adopted strategic frameworks that were to guide towards a new era devoid of discrimination. The aspect of political participation was one fundamental instrument that was subsequently integrated into the American social dynamics. The enactment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 sought to empower the minority groups to participate in the electoral processes, and to eliminate the barriers that existed in the political landscape. Some of the achievements of the act …show more content…

Section 5 highlights that any changes in the state electoral laws, which are deemed to have the potential to disenfranchise the minority groups must first be approved by the federal agencies including the US attorney general and the US District Court for D.C. In addition, the section defines the need for the states with a significant population of minority groups to develop bilingual ballot papers to ensure that the voters make informed decisions when taking part in the electoral process.
On the other hand, section 4 of the act highlights the need to adopt special coverage formulas to integrate the minority groups in the entire electoral process. In many instances, the act requires that such special coverage formulas to be cleared by the federal agencies before they can be applied. The fundamental goal of the preclearance provision is to prevent discrimination against certain groups of voters who may be deemed to antagonize the general position of their local political trends. However, this provision has since been deemed unconstitutional in the Shelby County v. Holder Case of 2013 (Fuller, 2014). Despite the perceived unconstitutionality of the two sections of the act, and the attempts to review the act to eliminate the clauses, analyses of the political dynamics indicate that the two sections are still relevant in American politics.
Justifications for the Need for Sections 4 and 5
The first factor which makes the sections necessary is that they

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