The Voting Rights of Ex-Criminals, An Outline Essay

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HOW/NW Freedom Prize Paper Thesis: Although some states believe that voting is a privilege that can be taken away after intolerable behavior, ex-criminals should be given voting rights because they are heavily impacted by government decisions, the vote is consequently taken away from low income, minority factions, and the US has a historical record of disenfranchising people regarding their race, color, previous servitude, and sex, so we have reason to question the disenfranchisement of other minorities. 1) Government impact on criminals (and their right to vote) a) Fundamental democratic responsibility: check the executive power with your vote i) The vote is crucial to those heavily impacted by laws and government (1) “The …show more content…

Tallahassee FL) cannot oppose the government when they want to locate a toxic waste dump near their home 3) US’s history of unjust disenfranchisement a) Laws/amendments concerning voting and disenfranchisement i) *Founding fathers left holes in voter qualifications, giving the states power to determine who could vote (George Washington went out fishing while these decisions were taking place) (1) This shows that voting disenfranchisement was not carefully planned out from the beginning ii) Immigrants and property-less people were not allowed to vote iii) Black people/slaves were not allowed to vote (1) Amendment 15 allows them to vote (however they had many obstacles making it hard for them to vote) iv) Women were disenfranchised (1) Amendment 19 allows women the vote v) US progressed in granting voting rights to more people, however felons still unaccounted for b) Disenfranchised felons relate to the past unjustly disenfranchised

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