The Vs. Board Of Education Case

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Jean-Marc Eyimin
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Week 4 First major paper One of the main issues raised by the case commonly known as the Everson vs board of education case is whether or not the separation of church and state is a good thing. Me personally, I only agree partially with the idea that religious groups ought to have their own political parties not because I am against government officials using their own religious perspectives and values to impact the political domain and rule the country; however, keeping the religion separated from the government ensures the vitality of the religion itself and fosters the cohabitation of multiple religious confessions, each one with its own views and beliefs, within the same environment especially in a democratic society as in America. While there are strong arguments on both sides, I have noticed that the major element in understanding this issue is the interpretation of the concept itself.

Originally, the separation of church and state stands for the principle that the American government must always keep up an unbiased attitude toward religion, as opposed to the English system which has an official state Church which it supports through taxes. Unlike what a majority people think, the isolation of the church and the government is not required by the first amendment, despite the fact that they kind of have the same final objective which is keeping the government from officially recognizing or

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