The Wage Gap And Gender Inequality Essay

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Women as a minority group concerning the wage gap, also known as the gender pay gap, is an older phenomenon that has gradually become more of a topic of concern since the 1960s. The wage gap is recognized as the difference between male and female earnings that is identified as a percentage of male earnings. In 1963 the Equal Pay Act was instituted declaring that it would be illegal to pay women lower wages simply based on their gender. The wage gap remains a popular area of active and innovative study and has been investigated for numerous decades. By further examining the ongoing discussion individuals can distinguish a connection between how women are rarely employed in high-paying positions, have superior educational achievements, and by some means still have significantly less earnings than men do. There are individuals who believe that women of different races are even more affected by the wage gap. This paper concerning the wage gap uncovers various opinions about what specifically prevents women from generating as much wealth as men. Although there are diverse analyses regarding what lies within the complexities of the wage gap, there is an understanding that women do suffer from a difference in wages compared to men.
The wage gap for women constructs a critical function in our society, and is worth studying to recognize where our economy provides unequal opportunities for women in the labor force while including their education, training, race, and

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