The Wallpaper Of Purple By Steven Spielberg

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The Sexist Shade of Purple
If Jaws was the movie that jumpstarted Steven Spielberg’s career in the film industry, then The Color Purple was the movie that was able to distinguish Steven from any other movie director during the time. All of Spielberg’s movies prior to 1985 were generally movies of either action packed adventure or unnerving horror, but once Steven Spielberg announced that he would be doing a movie based on Alice Walker’s book, The Color of Purple, no one knew what to expect. Jump 31 years later, Steven Spielberg’s The Color of Purple, is still seen as a film masterpiece that deals with a grotesque yet historical insight of African American culture back in the early 1900’s. Through the depiction of visual art form of film, Steven Spielberg was able to highlight certain aspects of everyday African American life back then such as the existence of sexism, racism and the importance of familial relationships. However, Steven Spielberg emphasizes and brings to the spotlight the aspect of sexism of the historical African American community. With a movie full of uncomfortable and daunting scenes, Steven Spielberg is able to underline the evil social facet of sexism faced by African American women in their community in the past. Steven wants his audience to know that side of African American history and wants us to view African American women differently because of it In the very beginning of the movie, we are shown a brutal scene of the main character, Cecile,
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