The Wannsee Conference

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The final solution, as outline in the Wannsee Conference, was anything but vague. Until this point, it wasn’t “officially” outlined as to what the goal of the Nazi regime was. However, through the displays of propaganda seen in previous stages thought this paper, it is clear what their intentions were. The extent of the implementation, as discussed at the Wannsee conference, as outlined by the Nazi regime was meant for the soul purpose of eliminating the Jews from German society, whether that was by mass immigration, deportations, and/or killings. There are, of course, other examples of this seen. One of these examples includes the form of newspapers such as Der Strümer (an anti-Semitic newspaper). As mentioned above, one of the leading uses of propaganda for the Nazi regime was film, which is also mentioned in this article. A particular film it …show more content…

This both emphasizes the heavily enforced identification of Jews with yellow cloth or Stars of David, as mentioned earlier, as well as the heading of these mass killing acts by SS soldiers and other members and conspirators with the Nazi party of Germany. This ties together the two ideas mentioned earlier in different stages, the identification in stage two, and the legalization of Jewish separation by a governing entity in stage three. These two very early stages of genocide have escalated into mass bouts of organized violence and you can still see the results of propaganda on the yellow arm bands and stars on Jews clothing as they are driven to mass grave. The rest of Graebe’s account of the actual mass shooting is very detailed and vivid as he described how the system of what the SS men were doing to effectively eliminate the Jews. Not only that, but he also describes the manner, age, and state in which a lot of these were before they were killed. He

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