The War Of The Gulf War

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The Gulf War This operation started in August 2 1990 as a response to Iraq’s invasion in Kuwait . This operation is also known as operation Desert Shield .In this mission US forces alongside 34 other nations(Saudi Arabia , United Kingdom , Egypt , France , Syria , Morocco , Kuwait , Oman , Pakistan, Canada , United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Bangladesh , Italy , Australia , Netherlands , Niger , Sweden ,Argentina , Senegal , Spain , Bahrain , Belgian , Poland , South Korea , Czechoslovakia , Greece , Denmark , New Zealand , Hungary , Norway) invaded Kuwait’s soil to repel the attack from Iraq’s forces . This war started by Iraq claiming that Kuwait belonged to them .However there has always been a tension between this two …show more content…

The United Nations agreed that dictator Saddam Hussein’s action’s would not be stand and they proceed to support Kuwait .The first thing they tried was a negotiation between U.S. secretary of State James Baker and Iraq’s foreign minister Tariq Aziz which ended up in failure and was the start of an upcoming invasion on Kuwait . The United Nations warned Saddam Hussein that if he did not withdraw his forces from Kuwait by January 15 it will be the beginning of a new war . On January 16 phase one started as United States forces destroy radar stations and the Iraq anti-air equipment .They then proceeded to bomb key targets in Iraq which included power stations , communication centers and finally the presidential palace which showed Iraq’s forces the United States air superiority . On January 17 the Iraqis fired seven scud missiles at Israel , but thanks to previous threatening from Saddam Hussein to burn half of Israel to kingdom come , they were waiting with gas masks on .After this events the British Special Air Service were sent behind enemy lines to gather intelligence on the Scud missile launchers that couldn’t be detected on air , this was due to that they were hidden under bridges and a camouflage net during the day . On January 29 the Iraqi Fifth Mechanized Division attacked the south capturing Saudi Town . They held the town even after the attacks done by air from the United States forces . The next day Saudis

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