The War On Drugs And Drugs Essay

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Drug has been a serious issue in our society and criminal justice institutes due to many problems associated, including the violence, negative health benefits, social disorganization, and other negative consequences. The police agencies have adopted a policy called “The War on Drugs”, as a response to the rising drug problems. The War on Drugs has popularized variety policies and practices that significantly increased the overall number of drug arrests, and other drug related offenses(The war on drug). In addition, The War on Drugs approach particularly targets the low-level drug offenses where many drug users have affected. Although, the basic intention behind the War on Drugs approach was to establish the fundamental goals, including to increase the safety of public by reducing drug-related crime and violence, to reduce health and social costs to the public of illegal drug use, and other public benefits(DGJS,2016). However, despite the good intention of the approach, the War on Drug tactics have consequently affected specifically to the minorities in our society. Therefore, many critics argue that law enforcement agencies routinely engage in racial profiling, arresting and charging a disproportionate number of individuals who are from visible minorities. Unfortunately, police agencies simply explain that they have not targeted the race, but they target the crime. As a result, this paper will examine the relationship between the racial profiling by police

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