The War On Drugs Is A New Form Of Jim Crow

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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Modern-day ideologies purport the system is broken and is in dire need to be repaired. However, to make changes there has to be an assertion of “brokenness” and the desire for change. A clear resounding misconception thought by many, the system is not broken. In fact, it was designed to mitigate advantages and limitations of certain groups, and create policies , which have racial irrefutable features (Alexander). As the history predicates from slavery to Jim Crow Laws, policies were enacted in America with the intention of marginalizing African Americans. Which in turn created a caste system. At the bottom of the caste are African Americans and at the top are the wealthy and affluent individuals( Alexander).Policies regarding the criminal justice system in this country, have created privileges and limitations. As the narrative may explain, the War on Drugs is a new form of Jim Crow. Such as that Jim Crow laws were effectively placed to stigmatize black people, the War on Drugs runs a parallel concept. In the documentary Bastards of the Party, illustrates how drug laws are race policy. Mr. Sloan, the narrator, depicts how drugs in his neighborhood were a vertically integrated business; only the youth in black communities were being hired as the labor market. Speculators say that the drugs being sold in America, specifically underprivileged black neighborhoods, were to help fund the war
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