The Wealth Gap Issue Of America

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The Wealth Gap Issue The wealth gap. It affects us all; old or young, male or female, and-- most importantly-- rich or poor. It’s what separates the most powerful and highest-paid people in America from the rest of us. It’s an issue that receives some attention, but perhaps not enough. The richest 1% of the U.S. owns more wealth than the bottom 90%, and that’s not the only reality of this issue. You see, this is a social and economic problem contributing to a plethora of other big problems here in the U.S., including child poverty, the dwindling middle-class, and the fact that the majority of American citizens have absolutely zero impact on public policy. Here’s the thing—the wealth gap is increasing, rapidly. Not much has been done to address this issue, and there’s a large group of people who don’t want anything done (guess who). I, among others, believe solving this issue opens the door to finding a solution to an abundance of other issues.
Literature Review
Three studies, published over the last several years, suggest that the majority of American’s have no idea how unequal the wealth gap actually is. The average American believes the richest fifth of the country own 59% of the wealth. The reality is that the richest fifth own about 84% of the nation’s wealth. This same idea also translates into an issue of income equality. CEOs for large corporations get paid about 12 times what the average American worker thinks they get paid. The average CEO-to-worker pay ratio is
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