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HIS 100-810 — The West and the World to 1500 – Paper Prep Assignment – October 5th, 2015

Christian Robinson

What problems did Western Europe face after the death of Charlemagne
(d. 814) and how were they resolved?

Charlemagne(Charles the great) king of Frank was a great “warrior king”, he controlled the former European core of Western Roman empire, northern Italy and all Gaul and had absorbed its German and North sea periphery. Later in 814 charles died and the crown was passed to his sole heir, Louis the Pious. After Charles death Western Europe began its downfall from a once great united europe to a dozens of little states fighting each other. and this paper will show how an empire of such magnitude and influence could fracture into petty warring states and be powerless against seemingly weak exterior threats. It will also talk about the conflict between Louise 's son’s. Throught the down fall this paper will talk about the attacks the kingdom faced during the decline from the vikings.

When charles was king he had a goal of uniting latin europe and have it all controlled by a single government. Charles traveled and campaigned Across europe for forty year Campaigning and increasing his realm of influence. In the 800 Charles had been crowned august the emperor of the romans by pope leo II, this was the peak of charles rule. some historians say he was also the first holy roman emperor laying the foundations for both the roman empire and the kingdom of france which

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