The Widespread Influence of Hinduism

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I argue that Hinduism is the most influential religion to come from the east, not only because of its many followers, but its influence on other religions and wide-reaching imprints on today’s world culture. 1.Hinduism is an ancient religion which derives its teachings from scrolls, known as the Vedas. These are held as Eternal truth. In Hindu beliefs, a person progresses through many lives until they reach a state called Moksha, which constitutes a release from the cycle of life, death, and birth. Karma determines whether a person is reborn in a lower station, or a higher station. A prevalent part of hindu beliefs is a caste system, which teaches that those who are born into a particular caste are born with such privileges or disadvantages because of their merits in the previous life. While our western determination of Karma is a little skewed at best, it has entered into our vernacular and is used frequently. We often verbalize it when something bad happens to someone that we feel deserves it because of a previous misdeed. I hold that even such a misunderstanding of hindu doctrine demonstrates powerful influence of Hindu religion. Our perception and the actual mechanics of karma are similar enough for us to understand that our actions do have consequences. I maintain that even those who professedly believe in nothing are slow to take advantage of another person because of this subconscious, though possibly incorrect belief of karma. Hindus believe in three main gods:

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