The Witch Trials Essay

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In the three documents, “Bull Summis desiderantes” written by Innocent VIII, “The Ant Hill ”, written by Johannes Nider and Extracts from “The hammer of witches” written by Malleus Maleficarum, regarding the hunting of witches, the beliefs of witchcraft and the trail process for those accused of witchcraft all show a great deal of evidence that those accused of witchcraft had no chance at a fair trial.
In the document, “Bull Summis desiderantes” written by Innocent VIII, sheds light on how the catholic faith viewed those whom were thought to be practicing witchcraft. For the accused, there was little to no hope of a fair trial, for the accusers had already made their minds up on what they believed to be true about witchcraft. Innocent …show more content…

In the document by Johannes Nider, “The Ant Hill ”, the writing suggests an unfair perceived perspective on women whom practiced witchcraft compared to their counterparts, men whom practiced witchcraft. By Johannes Nider stating his belief on his example he gave of the man and wife accused of witchcraft, Johannes Nider described the man as “penitent” while describing the mans wife as a, “witch invincible to persuasion” ("Witchcraft Documents [15th Century]”). Johannes Nider seemed to be implying throughout his letter, that men saw women as the witch while men accused were seduced into witchcraft. Men were willing to repent their sins while women were willing to “endure the flames rather than confess the least whit of the truth” ("Witchcraft Documents [15th Century]”). Regardless of whether or not those accused of witchcraft confessed their sins, they were still sent to death, suggesting there was no fair trial for those accused and found guilty of witchcraft ("Witchcraft Documents [15th Century]”).
In the document, “Extracts from The Hammer of Witches” by Malleus Maleficarum, Malleus describes the methods of getting a confession from suspected witches. Through torture, lies and enticed confessions, witches were brought to their death without a fair trail("Witchcraft Documents [15th

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