The World And Expanse Of Time

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Throughout the semester, evaluating different eras and event across the world and expanse of time, we have studied how individual players and their actions contribute to our understanding of history itself. Many of our readings were historical accounts centralized on the lives of single players, and these players’ roles in greater historical events.
The outbreak and entirety of WWI, serves as an example of how many individual players, and their actions, contributed to the overall outcome of an all-out war. In class, we discussed how there were a number of major players whom helped contribute to the outbreak and subsequent events of WW1. One of the key actors we examined, was the Emperor to Russia at the time, Nicholas II, and the qualities attributed to him as an individual. These are the qualities which may have not only led to Russia’s involvement in WWI, but also can be attributed to Russia’s loss in Russo-Japanese War, further destabilization of Russia’s central government under Nicholas II, and ultimately the collapse of the Russian Monarchy, all culminating in the 1917 Russian Revolution.
Nicholas II was the first-born child of Emperor Alexander III of Russia, and being so, his upbringing was a rather quite and isolated, though he maintained a close relationship with both his father and mother. In 1881, Alexander II, Nicholas’ grandfather (and Emperor at the time) was assassinated by revolutionaries, quickly making Nicholas heir apparent at the age of thirteen. Though

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