The World Of 1984 By George Orwell

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In the world of 1984, the Party seems unstoppable. For most of the younger generation, there never existed a world without it, and seemingly there never will. Small acts of rebellion do appear sometimes, inevitably, but the Party has an entire Ministry dedicated to smothering those out. There is a tiny speck of hope still present, though, and it depends on three primary things: that Newspeak is not effectively implemented, that the central government in Eurasia or Eastasia is overthrown, and that the proles are not monitored more closely or forced to conform with the Inner and Outer Party ways. With these three things and more combined, there is a miniscule but obstinate chance that the Party will be overthrown. If Newspeak is put into effect as planned, there is no hope for the Party’s destruction. Newspeak, as described in the book, is a newer, edited version of English with a much diminished vocabulary. Words that could lead to unorthodox thoughts are removed from the language completely, so it becomes much harder to think or say anything the Party doesn’t want you to; if you don’t know a word for rebellion, it becomes infinitesimally harder to even think about rebelling, much less actually start a rebellion. In 1984, one of Winston’s friends says the Party plans to implement Newspeak fully by 2050, just around 65 years later. Because of this, it’s imperative that either the rebellion takes place before 2050 or that Newspeak isn’t successfully implemented by then.
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