The World Today Is Filled With Pain. Much Of This Pain

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The world today is filled with pain. Much of this pain is mental, as well as, physical. The last thing any sane human or animal, for that fact, want to experience an extended period of time of any pain. Then why is euthanasia such a widely debated topic? Euthanasia is a merciful act that can take away pain and give closure to loved ones. The sight of a friend, mentor, family member, or even oneself in a feeble state, nowhere near one’s “old self”, can be so wretched. Regardless of religion, political views, race, gender, etc, no one wants to experience the pain of this. Voluntary euthanasia and some strictly regulated non-voluntary euthanasia needs to be legalized around the world because it is not immoral, it provides a way for patients…show more content…
The first and second (in some circumstances) methods stated above, however, are more than moral; they are humane. It is “a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life so as to relieve intractable suffering” (House of Lords). Voluntary euthanasia provides more good than harm but, closed mindedness keeps hundreds, if not thousands, of patients and families from getting closure. Jack Kevorkian, also known as Dr. Death, was the most well known euthanasia doctor before his death. He is claimed to have assisted over 130 terminally ill patients to their final breath, but has been labeled as a ruthless and immoral taker of life. This merciful man and University of Michigan alum was tried and convicted of second-degree murder. He served eight years in prison for providing a man diagnosed with late staged Lou Gehrig 's Disease (ALS), who came to him, asking for mercy, with a painless death. This was and is not right by any means. Dr. Kevorkian famously proclaimed that “dying is not a crime” and he was right. Dying or choosing to die is not an immorality. As Dr. J. Donald Boudreau puts it, “if one accepts the definition of humanism as “a deep-seated personal conviction about one 's obligation to others, especially others in need,” its importance to medicine becomes incontestable” (Boudreau). If oneself or one’s family conclude that euthanization is the best option and they can feel good about sending themselves or a family member to a better
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