The World War II : The United States And The Soviet Union

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As World War II came to an end, tensions between the United States and The Soviet union began due to the rise and spread of Communism all around the world. In 1952, A senator by the name of Joseph McCarthy had been gaining power in the realm of politics because he acted as a demagogue using the fears and paranoia that most people in the United States held due to the Red Scare. McCarthy began a ruthless campaign to try and root out any communists that he felt were in the country. Over the years, McCarthy initiated a witch hunt where he accused many people of being communists including prominent political figures and even actors. With the help of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, McCarthy continued his campaign by trying to expose as many people as people as he could even if it meant falsely accusing individuals in order to promote his cause and try to gain power. What McCarthy was able to do was created an environment that of mistrust and fear in order for him to move up in his political career and remove any competition for him. Americans soon began proxy wars with the Soviet Union. In the 1950 's, American society was constantly in fear of a communist invasion because people truly did not understand what communism was. People like Senator Joseph McCarthy played on the fears that Americans had of communism, which allowed him to propel his political career. At this time, McCarthy was trying to instill fear into the eyes of citizens by accusing many people of being communists

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