The World 's Largest Religion

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Christianity is the world 's largest religion in number of adherents, accounting to more than "2.1 billion (around 31.4% as of 2015) and geographical spread – in almost every country in the world, there is at least one Christian community" (Green ,2015).
The former religion of the Romans was polytheism-based and could not give comfort to the destitute. The many Gods and Goddesses did not lend themselves to the idea of equality and salvation. Christianity proclaimed the equality of all people. People were considered equal in Christianity and the Christian God was the unquestioned authority. This God did not share a pantheon with others, he was the one and only. The new religion rejected the existing social system of slavery, and thus gave rise to hope of liberation from oppression of the most desperate people. The religion called for the reconstruction of the world. It gave hope to slaves, hope for freedom to common people through a simple and accessible way – through the adoption of the doctrine of Christ (Adair, 2008, pp.18-19).
Initially, Christianity spread among the Jews of Palestine and the Mediterranean diaspora of the Jews. But starting from the first decades, especially through the work of the Apostle Paul, it has acquired a large number of followers among other nations (Adair, 2008, p.19).
The Character of God
According to the doctrine of Christianity, God is an original entity and a predecessor of the whole world, omnipresent, omnipotent and

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