The Worth of Native Americans Essay

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When you feel worthless, and are told you are completely worthless, and start to believe it, would you have the strength to break down the walls? As a Native American it was hard, and still is, to feel as though you “belonged” in America. They struggle with high rates of suicide, are told they aren’t going to be anything but and Indian, and some overcome. But why do they have to be put through it? From the time the first settlers arrived, Native Americans lost all control over their land; and, in the 19th century, when they gave all their land to the government, they were also promised health care benefits. They relied on the government to give them the help they needed and when the sequester came, and budgets were cut, they stopped …show more content…

Junior said most of his friends would end up getting a diploma for attendance, some wouldn’t get one at all, and the ones smart enough to were too scared of the “big world.” He new that his people would live up to most of the stereotypes and didn’t want to be that way. Little Tree is a determined, experienced, nieve, 5 year old boy. His parents died in a matter of a year together and he lived with his half Cherokee grandfather, and full Cherokee grandmother. Little tree doesn’t quite understand why people treat Native Americans the way they do. He wants to believe everyone has good in them, but his spirit as a Native American gets tested. Little Tree doesn’t let what people say get to him. For example, when he gives a little girl a pair of shoes and her dad smacks him for it and says “We don’t take handouts.” Little Tree didn’t care about what the man had said or done, he was more worried about the little girl because she had gotten so attached to them. Little Tree refuses to see the barriers and most of the time, doesn’t know that they are there. He didn’t understand the fact that people didn’t appreciate his culture. Unlike the people effected by the budget cuts, and Junior, Little Tree doesn’t let his situation get the best of him. We all know it’s hard to perservere through rough situations, and not everyone can; but when you don’t let your predicament influence the choices you make, you can perservere

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