The Wrongfulness Of Euthanasia By J. Gay Williams

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In J. Gay-Williams’ piece “The Wrongfulness of Euthanasia”, he begins by asserting that euthanasia is gaining popularity within our society, then defines euthanasia, and finally offers retributions as to why euthanasia is neither morally nor practically right. According to Gay-Williams, “euthanasia is intentionally taking the life of a presumably hopeless person” (Gay-Williams 1979, 278). Based off aspects of his definition, Gay-Williams formats his three main arguments against active euthanasia which stem from nature, self-interest, and practical effects. Out of the three proposed arguments, the argument from nature stands out personally, as the least sound. Briefly stated, this argument is not sound because it fails to offer distinction…show more content…
Essentially, euthanasia denies human dignity because it removes any possibility of achieving the natural end goal of survival. Human dignity, according to Gay-Williams, is inherently connected with morality and so the loss of it correlates directly to immorality. In-between the formatted argument, Gay-Williams offers further details as to why natural occurrences provide support against euthanasia. It is stated that the organization of human bodies (immune response) and behavioral tendencies (fight or flight) support the claim that the continuation of life is a natural goal, since these are related to the preservation and continuation of life. Furthermore, it is stated that euthanasia acts against these human characteristics to destroy them in a way disease and injury would not. So to say, the choice to abruptly end a life is more unforgiving towards the immune responses and physiological reactions, insinuates that we would be gradually diminished by disease and injury. The key statement which explains the argument from nature is that euthanasia puts an end to the most revered life goal of survival and is therefore morally wrong. Gay-Williams’ argument from nature proposes a few points which I find do not hold validity and lack supporting statements. Firstly, it argues that the human

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