The defence speech for Macbeth as a murderer

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Ladies and gentleman of the jury. Sitting before you today is a man accused of the murder of Duncan, the King of Scotland. The prosecution will portray Macbeth as an ambitious man, one who plotted to murder his own cousin, so that he could lay claim to the title of the crown. But the issue in this case is not whether Macbeth murdered the deceased. This fact is not disputed. What you must determine is whether Macbeth was of sound mind when he committed this act. Evidence showed that this was not so. In fact, Macbeth was the victim in this crime. It was he, who was possessed and brainwashed by the evil witches. Then it was Lady Macbeth who took advantage of his state of mind. She pushed him over the edge to fulfil her ambitions of being …show more content…

Macbeth was a virtuous man. There can be no greater recommendation than the king himself. He covered him with praise "O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!" after Macbeth rid the country of rebels within the ranks and the "multiplying villainies of nature". The king 's trust

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