The 's Comment Justifying The Segregation Of The Churches Isn 't Held By The Other Churchgoers

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Social Inequality: Lula 's comment justifying the segregation of the churches isn 't held by the other churchgoers, but it speaks to the separation that she experiences from white society. Reverend Sykes ' sermon regarding the impurity of women is a classic example of the conventionalism that "seemed to preoccupy all clergy men." He puts more emphasis upon sexual dichotomy than sin; he even says that strange women are worse than bootleggers. Given Robinson 's standing as contrasted to the Ewells, the latter 's accusation should fall upon deaf ears, but this trial has become so major because no one is willing to take a black man 's word as the truth, even though the Ewells are widely known to be repugnant and dishonest. The complexity of …show more content…

She keeps herself busy by directing others and gossiping with other women. The setting begins on the same day that the previous chapter left off and continues for some time in the Finches ' household. Alexandria announces that she and Atticus had decided that a "feminine influence" was necessary in his children 's lives (in spite of Calpurnia 's presence), and that she will be staying with them for a number of years. Atticus affirms this, and Alexandria immediately settles herself within Maycomb 's community, and she hypocritically assesses all other families as being inferior to her own. Scout goes on to explain that the fixation of heredity is justified by the light caste system of Maycomb, which is due to the nature of the county 's foundation. After some time, it becomes apparent that Jem and Scout have little knowledge of their family, and Jem quickly extinguishes Alexandria 's pride in one of their cousins. Atticus tells the siblings that they need to behave like proper Finches, and that Alexandria is willing to move them if necessary. His harshness and unfamiliarity soon pushes Scout break to tears, and his demeanor soon reverts; he tells them to disregard what he 'd just said and not to worry. Social Inequality: Alexandria 's assertion that children need a "feminine influence" in their lives is outdated, but not for the time period. Her assumptions that Scout will become interested in stereotypical

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