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In the lower scene, there are two civilian looking people, a woman carrying two spears, and a man with a petasus, a hat with broad brim. These two are dragging captives by their hair, and it is suggested that this is Diana and Mercury helping the Romans in their conquest. The above scene depicts Augustus, as a Jupiter like figure, surrounded by Roma, Hera, Time, and other godlike figures. These scenes depict a roman mindset that the Gods were on their side, that they had divine favor and rule over others. Another example of this manifest destiny comes from the Aeneid. Virgil is commissioned by Augustus to write this piece of literature, which is a huge propaganda story which regards Aeneas’s journey from Troy to founding what will …show more content…

The rule in Gaul is not consensual at all, unlike Strabo’s remarks about how the Romans conquered Gaul in a short span, it takes almost 100 years of rebellions to subdue the Gauls. It could be argued that one of the reasons the Gauls moved into Roman like cities is because so many had died. Plutarch makes estimates of 1 million dead and 1 million captures during the Gallic wars, but modern estimates are even larger. Osterhammel clearly states that “colonialism is a relationship of domination (Osterhammel 1997:17).” Tacitus describes the roman soldiers in Batavia and how “they hunted out the old and the weak (Tacitus Histories 4.14,),” and” they dragged away the children n to satisfy their lust (Tacitus Histories 4.14).” This form of sexual domination is not uncommon and is depicted in a lot of art, as it is in modern colonialism such as the drawing by Jan van der Straet titled America, as it depicts Amerigo Vespucci surprising a naked native. The sculpture in Aphrodisias, Turkey depicting Emperor Claudius “Subduing” Britannia is very similar. It shows the naked emperor in a dominating pose on top of a naked woman representing Britannia. Domination is further depicted in Trajan’s column as there are roman soldiers burning the villages, slaughtering livestock, cutting off the heads of Dacian men, and seizing Dacian women

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