Their Eyes Were Watching God Reflection Essay

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Envision this: a room, overflowing with intense emotions and a mother, laboring a child for endless hours. Finally, the newborn emerges into the world, taking its’ first, fresh breath of air; then, suddenly, a screeching scream like no other proliferates throughout the room. The infant finds its’ voice for the first time. But, the ability to speak ceases to begin with one’s first resonance; rather, it commences when we find our true selves influenced by inevitable circumstances and situations, where one’s voice truly shines forth. By exemplifying the harsh reality and stereotypical gender discrimination of the early 1900’s in the enduring novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston captivates the voice of an independent young woman who, as she matures, fiercely refuses to live a life pronounced by despondency, fear, and silence. Janie Crawford, a resilient, yet vibrant woman, overcomes many hardships while she evolves from a voiceless, adolescent girl into a woman, beating the drums of her own destiny. Janie continues showing dauntless courage as she encounters countless changes and endures numerable hardships throughout her life. Nevertheless, with many circumstantial influences and life-altering situations, she accomplishes liberating herself from the oppressive chains of stereotypical gender discrimination, all while finding her voice and gaining self-assurance. In the opening and ending paragraphs, Hurston effectively uses defining diction, colorful imagery,

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