Theme Of A Grain Of Wheat

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Thus, Ngugi resort to use mythological figures in order unite and liberate the Kenyans, also he uses such figures to fossilize the Mau Mau in Kenyan's mind and to feel proud of their revolution. Neatly, Ngugi enlists and compares Mau Mau members to Prometheus (who defied to steal the fire from other gods to pave the liberation's way). No wonder Ngugi considers Mau Mau fighters as symbols of resistance because they suffered for getting freedom and liberation. (Ngugi. Detained1981: 111)
The myth is directly linked to the Kikuyu legend of Gikuyu and Mumbi, the founding ancestors of the Kikuyu community. The story tells that Gikuyu, the founder of the tribe and Munkuyu, also called Marugu created Gikuyu and Mumbi under the big tree, situated in …show more content…

It is embalmed in communal actions of some major characters. The novel is replete with the emblem of communal sentiments. This is illuminated in the actions of Mugo, towards an old woman who has lost her deaf and dumb son who looks after her. “He bought some sugar, maize-flouranda bundle of fire-wood at one of the Kabui shops”( A Grain of Wheat …show more content…

He exhibits a great deal of struggle for independence and sacrifice to the domestic and socio-political issues in the novel. One of such women is Wambui: “…she carried secrets from the villages to the forest and back to the villages and towns” (A Grain of Wheat , p.23). The narrator also recounts the exploits of the old woman at the battle field where “… she once carried a pistol tied to her thighs near the groin ...” (A Grain of Wheat, pp.23-24). These exploits of the woman do not only project her as powerful but they also create the opportunity for us to recognise the crucial roles women play during the colonial period when men were denouncing their oaths of secrecy to follow the white man “… Karanja … sold the Party and Oath secrets, the price of remaining near Mumbi” (A Grain of Wheat, p.238). While it was said that women, like Kihika’s girlfriend was the first person to take the oath of secrecy to fight on the part of men in the forest. A sacrifice ... and then was Njeri. Who was she? She was a friend, my friend. She often quarrelled and fought with both men and other girls.Anyhow not until she ran away to the forest to fight at Kihika’s side. She was shot dead in a battle soon after Kihika’s death (A Grain of Wheat, p.138) Clearly, women in A Grain of Wheat played a different roles to reflect good images about African women. They played important roles, such as economic, domestic and

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