Theme Of Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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Analysis of some conflicts in the Lord of the flies.
Lord of the flies by William Golding tells a story of a plane crash carrying a group of schoolboys that was shot down during an unnamed time of war. Throughout the novel, William Golding uses nature and the boys to symbolize man and society. He endorses the consequence of savagery, Jack’s action, thereby, promoting civilization. He also shows how social order can be broken by conflicting ideologies. He also lays emphasis on ego and discipleship by using the account of Jack and most of the boys. Despite the many conflicts that can be gotten from the novel, emphasis is placed on person vs person, person vs nature and person vs society in analysing characters in the novel.
Person vs Person conflict in a literature means the conflict between two characters. Piggy and Jack are involved in this conflict in chapter four. Jack constantly picks on piggy because he is not physically equipped to do physical work or be a hunter. Piggy cannot swim, has health issues like asthma and eye problem and also overweight. Piggy represents a man full of ideas, but is unheard because of his low status in society. Jack is also full of ideas, but they are more self- serving than selfless.He however has leadership qualities that distinguishes him from the rest of the boys. Qualities he attained probably because of the choir group he led, though he had a commanding aura. His lust for power makes him represent evil. Jack intentionally picks on

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