Theme Of Emotion In Fahrenheit 451

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Throughout history thousands of civilizations have attempted to suppress, destroy, and control emotion. None of them have been successful, and none of them can ever be truly successful. Emotion is a powerful and non understandable thing, that can be channeled by writing to have amazing power. Fahrenheit 451 is a novel written by Ray Bradbury, that perfectly expresses this idea. The book has five main characters: Montag, Faber, Mildred, Beaty, and Clarisse. Fahrenheit 451 is about Montag, who is just a normal fireman. In his society, firemen do not put out fires, but instead burn books and other forms of literature. Montag thinks he is a happy man, until he meets Clarisse who shows him the power of being truly joyful. The conflict begins when Montag seeks happiness through his new friend Faber, who helps Montag in his quest. Montag eventually comes face to face with what the society wants through his wife Mildred and his boss Beatty. Montag kills Beatty with the fire meant to destroy literature and runs away to the rural areas to start a new life as a keeper of knowledge. In Fahrenheit 451 people have been starved of their emotion, and when that emotion finally comes out through literature, it can not be suppressed. Ray Bradbury uses metaphors and the character arc of Montag to bring this out. In Fahrenheit 451 Montag’s wife Mildred lives inside of her own personal bubble of ignorance. She spends time with her “family” which is really just a simulation of what is

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