Theme Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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We all know the infamous love story Romeo and Juliet, but how well do we know the author of this story, William Shakespeare? Rather not how well we know him, but how much do we know about his intentions and quietly hidden beliefs behind the story of Romeo and Juliet? The meaning of ‘fate’ is when something happens that is beyond the person's control, specifically occurring by the hands of a higher, more powerful supernatural force. And most people believe in it, one of those many people being Shakespeare. He writes life into his stories, and with that comes his own personal beliefs. Shakespeare thoroughly mentions fate through a lot of Romeo’s quotes during this play and because of that, we can see how in Romeo and Juliet, it is very well emphasized that fate plays one of the biggest roles in this story and in Shakespeare's life. In the prologue of this play, we have a sonnet with more than enough information about this story. Shakespeare even tells us the ending, but why would he do that? He writes, “A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life… the fearful passage of their death-mark’d love” (Prologue, 9-12). Both lines use words and phrases referencing lovers and death, which puts our minds to think that this story's ending has to do with two lovers dying. Add in the phrase ‘star-cross’d’ and suddenly it comes to make sense as to why shakespeare wrote it. These two lovers are star-crossed lovers, which basically means that the stars chose them as lovers for life. This

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