Theme Of Fear In The Most Dangerous Game

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A man gets hunted by another man on the deserted Ship-Trap Island in the middle of the Caribbean. Rainsford, the protagonist in “The Most Dangerous Game”, a short story written by Richard Connell, gets hunted by General Zaroff. Rainsford abounds with fear, making him crazy. General Zaroff’s arrogance causes him to feel that he possesses the right to hunt the people he captures. His arrogance causes him to commit gruesome things; in this case, murder. Prior to becoming another man’s prey, Rainsford feels that animals have no feelings, but he sympathizes for animals being hunted after he himself becomes prey. His feelings and opinions transform after this experience. “The Most Dangerous Game” consists of three central themes: fear makes an individual crazy, arrogance causes hurtful actions, and some experiences have the potential to alter an individual’s opinion.
When fear abounds within a man, this man becomes crazy. Rainsford fears death. Fear of death can be defined as the fear that causes an individual to be scared of dying. People filled with fear start to evolve into crazy people. Rainsford, an experienced hunter, knows this; thus, at the beginning of the hunt he continuously says, “I must keep my nerve. I must keep my nerve.” (Connell 165) Rainsford’s knowledge aids him in keeping his nerve and not going as mad as other men hunted before him. If Rainsford goes crazy, he will be instantly killed by General Zaroff; however, he keeps his nerve and kills Zaroff at the end

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