How Does Steinbeck Present George In Of Mice And Men

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George is a character of a strong guy who have to take care of his friend, Lennie. George is a tough and efficient person as described in the book as “small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes” (Steinbeck, 1994). To most people he is viewed as an experienced or even a wise person. His intelligence and quick response might be partly from his duty to take care of Lennie. There were many scenes in which George warns Lennie not to do this and that, since he could predict what is coming of Lennie’s action. The theme for George are friendship, dream, freedom and sacrifice. George transformed from having Lennie by his side to getting the freedom he always wanted. He plays a significant role in unfolding the story; the story will not be possible without him. George sometimes was portrayed as a short tempered man as he often throws mean words on Lennie, but most of that was out of his worries that Lennie would cause troubles. He would say that he is better off without Lennie and that if Lennie commit even one more mistake he would not get to tend the rabbits. Lennie actually learned it by heart. That idea consequently led Lennie to kill Curley’s wife. Abide being a bit harsh on Lennie all of his actions mean well. …show more content…

He gives detail of each character and clues on how people should watch out for Lennie. All through the stories readers were wondering what would happen to George and Lennie, would Lennie be causing troubles that is out of George’s hand and would George be able to help Lennie get away with it. People have sympathy for the pair especially for Lennie. We all hope they succeed with their dream. Without George the story could take a very different turn. George could be like other man who have no true relationship and live day by day. Lennie might end up in an institution locked up without anyone to talk to. The people in the story might not even have an idea that man could befriend each

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