Theme Of Greed And Power In John Steinbeck's The Pearl

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Characters contribute to creating a theme in stories we read with physical, verbal, and mental actions. The Pearl written by John Steinbeck is about a poor family living their usual life in their village when their son gets sick and they cannot purchase medical care. They usually go pearl diving and find nothing but are blessed with a huge pearl. The pearl can create great riches but also creates great suffering with in the village. In the book The Pearl by John Steinbeck the characters, The Doctor and Kino helped develop the theme or greed and power can make one's downfall.

Kino in The Pearl creates the theme of greed and power can make one’s downfall. In the book Juana (Kino’s wife) hears evil music with the pearl and fears it will tear apart the family and the village. So she sneaks out in the early morning with it and tries to get rid of it to free her family from evil but gets caught in the action by her husband who goes savage. “Her arm was up to throw when he leaped at her and caught her arm and wrenched the pearl from her. He struck her in the face with his clenched fist and she fell among the boulders, and he kicked her in the side...Kino looked down at her and his teeth were bared. He hissed at her like a snake…”(page 58-59) This shows how greed and power can make one’s downfall because the greed of the pearl and the idea of what riches it could bring to the family and the whole village which makes Kino fill with rage when he sees Juana trying to get rid of

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